Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is an ATC2?

Another form of art that I create a lot-ATC2s.

ATC ~ Artists' Trading Cards: Generation 2 (ATC2) is an Ebay group for Artists and Collectors of Artists' Cards done in a variety of formats and with a variety of media. The most common and preferred size for an ATC2 is the standard business card-size of 3.5 x 2 (horizontal or vertical)~so that the Artists' Cards can be presented in a business card holder or rolodex. This inclusive group does, however, encompass a range of sizes~anything from average tarot card sizes under 6 inches to small square artists' cards~but not smaller than 2 x 2. This particular group's focus is on original or limited edition print Artists' Cards.

The idea for this great group came from my art pal JoE. I lead the group and soon you will find links to the blogs of other ATC2 members here on my site.

I worked as an illustrator for the popular collectable trading card game Magic: The Gathering so this small format is something I am familiar with and fond of. You can find some of my original Magic art and sometimes artist proofs with original art on the back in my Ebay store. Just follow the link to my store at the right under my profile.

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