Saturday, January 21, 2006

Note from a former student

I got a tiny little envelope in the mail today. It had no return address. I opened it and there was a simple little note and it said:

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It says ...Thanks for convincing me that it was a good idea. Also included was a business card that simply had the former students name and the word -Designer-.

I won't name any names, but I had a student a while back. She is uber talented. Uber. Where I worked students could-if they chose to-double major in Fine Art and Design. She is an amazing painter. But...many of us know how hard it is to make a living painting. She was only going to major in painting but she was a natural designer. Great at it and it came easy, but she didn't think she was interested in design.

So I bugged her to double major. And bugged her. And showed her cool design work. And bugged her. I was relentless. She was so talented and could be a designer with more ease than the average bear!

That student is the one who sent me that note. I am all teary. -sniff-

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orangefrute88 said...

how wonderful :)