Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feeling Wobbly

I have been feeling wobbly the past couple of days so I don't have as much new stuff on my blog as I would like. Some of you who know me-know that I have a neurological problem and my left arm often acts up. Many of the paintings you see on my blog were created with one hand. Your probably thinking well who uses both hands to paint anyway? Try painting something under 3 inches only using one hand. I have to tape everything down. Try cutting one handed...or inking anything without a hand to hold down the paper. bleh...So my left hand is acting up and my brain is funky. If I have typos forgive me.

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JoE said...

amy, your one hand is still a lot better than many people's two hands!

orion713 said...

lol Thanks JoE. :)

katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Could it be? A perfect partner for my Ganesh I bought from you? I think you already know I love this painting Amy :D
I hope your arm starts feeling better soon! I looked around town for the liniment you suggested for my sprained ankle... no luck. I live in a weird part of town that never seems to carry the kind of stuff I'm interested in.

orion713 said...

Bum deal on the linament! I would tell you to order it online but it would probably take to long for it to get to you! :( (Glad you like the painting)