Thursday, January 26, 2006

Holbein Watercolor Review

I think every artist loves to have new paint. I just bought a few new colors of my favorite watercolor brand Holbein. I used to use a brand who's initials are W and N. I still like that brand but I have heard the company has been purchased and the paint might no longer be made in England. So I am swapping over almost completely to Holbein. The only downside I can find of Holbein is that some of the colors do not granulate (leave little deposits of minerals) quite as beautifully and heavily as some W and N paints do. Ultramarine Blue in particular.

Upsides to Holbein-Amazing luminous clarity of color. Which is obviously important to my work. Consistency-every tube is perfectly made. You won't open a tube and have it smell up the house as though something crawled in there and died (I won't mention names but DS are the initials). Also you won't find globbyness stickiness or general crap of any kind like-(I won't mention names but DS are the initials). If you have not tried Holbein you should check them out. I also love their oil paint although it is not at the tippy top of my oil paint list. (I will review oil paint at some point).

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