Sunday, January 29, 2006

Axis Mundi Mushroom 1

I found my pal Jane's in progress images so cool (plus Dancing-girl mentioned liking seeing the process) that I thought I would do it too. You can find links to their sites at the right of my page there. Do check them out-super cool art.

Here is my Axis Mundi Mushroom that you will see in my paper brain #5 post in process. Here I have already penciled it in and inked it. And done the background wash-with a salt technique. One thing I do in a kamikaze kinda way is that I paint large background or sky washes around complex objects. If you have ever watercolored you know how difficult this is. And I don't use any mask fluid (rubber goo that resists the watercolor that some artists use to keep places white). These washes are made even more complicated when my little blue heeler sees me pick up the paintbrush. I swear she knows when I am going to do a sky wash...she loves to put her head under my arm and shove up quickly to make me mess the whole thing up.

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katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

I don't paint much, but I do know what a PAIN it is to do nice backgrounds in watercolor like that. I love your backgrounds - always impressive!