Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reed's Ginger Candy and edibles

Ever had one? Reed's Ginger Candy it is fabulous and addictive. Hot, spicy, sweet...mmmnn. Love em. Tonight for valentines day I made a gluten free chocolate cake using a Pamela's brand mix. It was SO good! Better than most wheat flour cakes. I made frosting by melting some organic dark chocolate bars that had almonds in them. I also had (for the first time) a uber good Belgian Framboise Beer (malt beverage with rasperries added). Wow was that yummy.


Francesca said...

OMG Belgian raspberry beer! You've just taken me back about fifteen years to when we used to get that from a great shop that sold all sorts of unusual beverages. And it's so yummy!

orion713 said...

:) Yup. mmmm I have to try the other flavors now.