Monday, February 20, 2006

I have a million dollars!

I have a million dollars! A million dollars! Yup. Ok so they are SAND dollars. But there are a million of them! At least. The tide was farther out than usual today and we found a huge sand dollar bed right on our beach. They are so cool when they are alive! These ones are almost a purple color.


katat0nik said...

Ohh you're so lucky! I've never seen a live sand dollar - just the dried up white ones. What a sight it must be to have a million of them on your beach!

orion713 said...

You haven't seen one before? Ok Jane you need to take a trip up here. :) They are so cool! They are covered with this little feeler things kind of like sea urchins are. I didn't know what they were at first because I have never seen a whole bed of live ones. They were just odd purplish things mostly stuck into the sand. Then when inspected more closely I figured out what they were! Very cool.