Monday, February 13, 2006

42 Hounds a few cats and a handful of odd animals

I am going all out for art 2 art's drop week #8. Art 2 art is a group of artists who drop art off at secret locations all over the globe for people to find. From Feb. 19th-25th I will be dropping off 42 Hounds a Few Cats and a Handful of Odd Animals all over the country. If you would like to help me out and do a random act of kindness by placing my art someplace for a person to find-add a comment to this entry asap. Or even better email me and include your snail mail address. I will be mailing all the art out in the next couple of days. I am especially interested in those of you who are outside the U.S. who are willing to drop my art for me.


Sal said...

This is a great idea ! How about we mail each other 3 pieces to drop for each other? I believe we have each others addresses already? In fact I believe I owe you a painting... off to the post office in a minute. Honestly!!!!!

Sal said...

No! It's Tami I owe a painting to - you nearly got a freebie there ;)

Still I think an exchange of freebie minis is a fine fine idea. I shall post you some!

orion713 said...

Hey that is a fine idea. I will post you something to drop for this project and a little freebie. :)