Saturday, March 11, 2006

YAY A Gallery Show!

I will be the featured artist at the Absolute Gallery in Old Town Landsing Michigan in April. If your not in that area you can check out thier website: absolute gallery.

Here are a couple of images that will be in that show.

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SisterDG said...

Hello, Amy -
For some reason, I cannot get email through to your aol account, so I'm posting here instead.

You emailed me some time ago, suggesting a show on my podcast about ATC's. We must have been on the same wavelength, as they say, because I had just started working on that very show!

It's finally done, and posted to the CraftyPod site. I mentioned the eBay group, and linked there. Thank you so much for the referral, the suggestion, and the email! Sorry it's taken me so long to figure out that I could try corresponding with you this way. :-)


oziskin said...

I'm so happy for you - good luck and congratulations !

ottoblotto said...

Congratulations on your show! I know the work will be marvelous, and I wish for you lots of sales.

Francesca said...

Congratulations Amy, I know it'll be a huge success!! Really like the way you've framed those up too, sets off the paintings perfectly :)

Roz Foster said...

Congratulations on your show! They look great.

orion713 said...

Thanks everyone!