Thursday, March 09, 2006

Update-42 Hounds Mongoose FOUND!

Update on my 42 Hounds project. My little mongoose (that I have now decided does look way more like a giant anteater) was found by Sarah at the Backyard Bird Shop in Oregon. This is what Sarah has to say:

My name is Sarah, and I found your tiny picture of your cute mongoose painting at the backyard birdshop while shopping there with my sister and my mom. In case your wondering why I'm saying "with my mom and sister", it's because I'm only 12. When I found it, I was really excited and happy!!!! I felt so lucky that I found 1 of 42 of your little paintings! It's so adorable and detailed. I just can't beleive I found it!! Well, I want to thank you for putting these out for people to find, and I LOVE it!!

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orangefrute88 said...

aaawwwwwww!!! how SWEET!!!!

orion713 said...

Isn't that cool Orange! Hi Sarah if your out there. :) I am so glad she found my painting and was nice enought to write me and let me know.

Francesca said...

How lovely. That is great! Must be a real buzz to hear from the finder :)