Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blue Jay vs. Squirrel

There is this cute little squirrel I have named Indiana. I put whole peanuts in a pot outside my studio door for it every day. So all day it goes from the pot out to it's -area- which is a moss covered log. It has worn a trail through the grass it makes this trip so much. So the latest drama is that a blue jay is trying to nab Indiana's peanuts. So Indiana has to run 180 miles an hour back to the pot to try to scare off the blue jay before it steals a prized legume. And the blue jay dive bombs Indiana on his trip back to the mossy log with the nut. Funny stuff.

1 comment:

orangefrute88 said...

aren't blue jays such bastards? the bastards of the bird world. but definitely fun to watch!!!! thanks for the great story :)