Thursday, July 05, 2007

New work! Anteater Zeppelin

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This little anteater is getting a lovely ride from a zeppelin with a wombat on top. You can buy all kinds of cool stuff like t-shirts, mugs, cards and tiles with this image on them in my cafe press shop.

You can buy the original piece of art direct from me by emailing me. I will have it available in my new gallery/studio once it is finished being built. (Ok so the story there is it has taken DAYS just to finish the I am getting some help this weekend to put it together). I should also have some buttons so you can buy direct from my blog soon! Whoot!

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mousewords said...

Sweet, Amy! Love your blog--the recipes are a GREAT idea! :):)

Francesca said...

Love that zeppelin! Can't wait to see your finished gallery. Good luck with getting it up. I'm seeing some sort of Amish-style barn raising here... ;)

Darren Daz Cox said...

wow, i gotta say i was inspired enough to leave Sl and pop in here after seeing your art at the Raglan art walk thing. That blue elephant is so perfect, hmm i painted a blue elephant too guess thats why i like it so much. But yeah, well done. :)