Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gluten, Soy, Corn & Dairy free

The gluten, soy, corn & dairy free diet is going fairly well. Although I have discovered corn hides in the oddest of foods. Baking powder? Really? Dang. This is difficult. But I am trying to remain inspired and look at it as a challenge. (I am SO craving pizza). I feel so great! I didn't realize how much inflammation the foods were causing. I feel like a different person! My blood pressure is much lower now (was 140 over something when I first went to naturopath now it is 110 over 72). I am not experiencing as much pain and even my headaches are much better! Now if I can just avoid that pizza...


Nicole said...

Do you have zPizza in your area? I've heard their gluten free pizza is delish

orion713 said...

No we don't have that near here. :(

Troy Johnson said... makes pizza crusts that are okay (Pizza Works in Kenmore has a bunch of different gluten-free options for pizzas, the really good gluten free pizza crust has corn in it though)

Glutino pizza crusts are pretty easy to order and they are okay too. (their english muffins are actually not bad at all....good is always a stretch with gluten free baked goods)

Ener-G products are uniformly foul, but sometimes they are the only ones with few enough allergens. I think doing without is preferable to their products.

Some other products that are actually pretty good are WoW gluten-free cookies. They have them at Tully's now and they are pretty darn yummy.

Tinkyada is the best rice-pasta brand. The others don't stack up texture-wise.

Some info people may not have passed on to you yet:

Don't buy bulk foods--they are almost always contaminated with flour. Flour gets everywhere and into everything.

Wooden spoons retain proteins, so they can be contaminated. I didn't find this out for a couple years so I figured mine were okay by then. I think I would have just sanded them anyway since most of them were my Grandmas.

I'm like you, I cook everything from scratch so the shift was not a huge deal for me. Not being able to eat out very often is a bummer though.

I have been gluten free for, I think three years now, so if you have any questions just holler.

Hope all is well,

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