Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Process of making a 3D character-OWL

I just finished making this steampunk owl with my friend Denise Weir. It is available for sale on my sim Axis Mundi in the game Second Life. Here is our process on this particular piece.

This character started with a fine art painting of mine:

Then I made a drawing with a side view for Denise to work from:

Denise sculpted in Maya to create this little fellow:

And then once the pieces were imported into Second Life I finished building the character in world and added hand painted textures. You can see that along the process the eyes changed and his personality changed a little bit:



Anonymous said...

holy.shit. you rock. it's all i can say! xxx

adrienne trafford said...

can this be more freakin perfect?? a heart inside him?? of course!!

RAB said...

pretty cool!

Adam Saligman said...

Hello Mrs. Weber, I really love this owl. I love your style of attributing mechanical constructs to organic beings, if that makes any sense. It reminds me of your old illustration for the MTG card Time Elemental, which I love. I know it has been a while since the days when you did art for MTG, but your contributions to that game's early art were often among my favorites. Your picture for Time Walk is still my favorite MTG artwork hands down (and I have looked for prints of Time Walk)!

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