Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ScribbleCast 16 Kingfisher

Scribblecast 16 Kingfisher is up! You can find my last three ScribbleCast episodes on the right side of my blog or you can help me out by going to iTunes and subscribing. Just search for ScribbleCast.

Episode 16 features baby robins, fledgling wrens, hummingbird & kingfisher footage, plus I paint a mixed media piece with a kingfisher.


utilly said...

Hi Amy

It's Tonia here. I ran a class last year at Glarmorgan Uni. Professional Studies for MA Art Practice students. I used your Scribblecast as an example of what an artist can create online if they got over their irrational fear of technology. They were awed and utterly captivated.

I'm teaching the course again this year and in order to be more organized about it, I'm planning my course and porting my links and things over to a wiki.

I came across the scribblecast link this year and gleeful for distraction from 'work' I watched your latest episode and realised that I had forgotten to let you know how well received your work was last year and that I would be discussing your work again this year. And... loved that first track and what was with the heron party? They never seem so sociable around here...

Any chance we can arrange a quick skype chat sometime?

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