Friday, March 14, 2008

Axis Mundi on second life!

I bought a whole island in the massive multiplayer game second life! I am going to sell my art and all kinds of other things I make like tattoos and avatars there. When I figure out how to put a game link in a blog I will do that here...I have no idea how! Here is a pic of the sim so far. I didn't make the super cool buildings. They are made pre fab by various amazing second life designers.



Nicole said...

Wow, when I first introduced you to Second Life I had no idea you would take to it as much as you have! Does it help supplement your income? I'm just curious.

orion713 said...

Not yet but hopefully with the sim it will. Thanks again for introducing me to it!

Francesca said...

this looks fab, and so you! I hope to visit very soon :)