Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Red Bird

You can now purchase Little Red Bird on my website in my ScribbleCast store. And you can also watch ScribbleCast episode 5 and see me paint the little red bird.



Melanie said...

Amy, I love visiting your blog!

I was given an award called "Nice Matters". I was to pass it on to 7 people whose blogs I really enjoy.

You are one of them!

Come check it out on my blog

I have a picture of the award I can email to you.

Your friend from eBay,

Mavis said...

Amy, you are amazing! Beyond amazing! you make me want to do something! Anything creative! My friend just bought a piece from you. Not sure what his screen name is but it happened less than an hour ago. I adore your art and spirit. If you have a minute, check out my site,

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

I jusat viewed the creation of this piece on SCRIBBLECAST!

I could watch you paint FOREVER! (and it never hurts to have a few ducks tossed into any situation!)

Your talent is AMAZiNG!
xo - kD