Friday, October 05, 2007

Bamboo Floor and Garden update!

No pics today because photochuckit as I fondly like to call it will not let me upload photos. Well our living room floor is finally installed! We have had it for about a week now. We wanted something "sustainable" but "hard". So I did some web research and we decided to try bamboo from a place that rhymes with shmoregonbamboo. The product sucks. It is not the color it was supposed to be, it arrived warped, and it is about as hard as balsa wood. Ok I exaggerate...but only slightly. It would be lovely for someone who has no animals whatsoever, who doesn't mind their floor coming unglued and popping up after a week, and who walks around in socks or bunny slippers. But it is an improvement over our grungy carpet. Soon we will have some nifty base moulding in there and we can put the furnature back in.

I am amazed at how well my garden did this season. I was able to grow just about every herb I could want and grow enough to dry it for later use. I have planted all kinds of salads and greens for a fall/winter crop and they have already started to produce. Two of my favorites are watercress and rocquette (an arugala). I just planted favas, amaranth, red onion, storage onions, and tons of garlic. I have never tried to grow any of these things so wish me luck!

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