Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Awakening

This is a mixed media 5x7 painting available in my ebay store
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Nicole said...

Very pretty.

Derek Nobbs said...

Lovely colors!
Inspired by Autumn lately?
I have been!
I made Pumpkin bread, got pumpkin beer,
and pumpkin candles! And the pieces I am working on, have similair colors to your piece here.

Is your floor done? How's Kali (sp?)

Elizabeth said...

beautiful and mystical too ... I like it very much.

orion713 said...

Lol My floor is finally done! We don't have the trim on yet but the floor is down. We have to start bringing the furnature back in. :)

Kalli is doing much better!

Unknown said...

another gorgeous piece amy! i love the red with pink :) so vibrant. hugs, stacey