Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Openings and new puppies!

Puppy update: Kalliope comes home on Thursday! Whoot.

I have been super busy on second life. The artists of studio33 had our grand opening at our studios on soho this past weekend. We did great and had a blast. Four of us have another opening on cetus at our formal gallery there this Sunday 2-4. I also have a solo show in Caledon Victoria City on Saturday the 17th 12-4. Stop on by if you are on second life! I have created close to 40 new works for this show. A little over 1/4 of them are Steampunk themed. I will be offering them for sale first on second life and then they will be available here on my blog or via ebay.

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Nicole said...

That's SO cool. I haven't really gotten into Second Life. It's too weird for me, so many real life strangers

orion713 said...

Yeah I have a bunch of art pals who joined so I don't have the same stranger prob...I haven't seen you on or I would say hi. :)

Thanks again for telling me about it! I love it!